Thermo Scientific Flash 4000 Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer

Thermo Scientific Flash 4000 Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer


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“Part of a major lab's asset from a closed lab due to merger. Good condition removed from the station ”... Read moreRead more about condition

Unit is in excellent cosmetic condition and powers up. I removed the unit from the station at the closed lab where it was being used so this is not just a surplus item. The agriscience lab it is from had just merge with another big lab so they had to prioritize which assets stay or go. This is was a go because it's 9 years old. still functional. Mind you that due to privacy and intellectual property protection, the computer that contain the software was removed. I can't help you get it or one. so you will have to acquire that on your own. There several accessories with this unit include extra sampling attachments, Mas 4000 shaft (new) and many other new small pieces. Please see pictures. What you see is all there is and what you will receive. Shipping will be freight based on your zip code or location.

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