Zitropack Z-2000-100 Food Line packing system, Vemag Robot 500 Filler & Conveyor

Zitropack Z-2000-100 Food Line packing system, Vemag Robot 500 Filler & Conveyor


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“Working system no longer needed from a school system. the pictures were taken from the school when ”... Read moreRead more about condition

This system is in good condition and was fully functional before it was disassembled. As you can see in the pictures the system was still installed at the school when i took the pictures. I also have video of the system working. The school said this system has been maintain regularly and the records were handed to me along with the servicers. The just didnt need the machine anymore with the current situation with schools. This system has since been disassembled and moved to my warehouse. This machine is capable of packing 30 thousand containers of food, heat sealed daily. The container size is PT108, about 6"x4 3/4" and 1 1/2" deep. System uses a detachable 24' stainless steel chain powered conveyor with a powered carousel at the end. 

Notable items are:

- 24' powered conveyor with carousel 

- Vemag PC 878 Robot 500 filler. Can dispense mashed potatoes, taco meat, chili, spaghetti meat sauce, mac & cheese, potato salad, & various other solid food products

- Reiser V1-B automatic stainless still lift capable of lifting over 650lbs

- Zitropack Z-2400 fluid filler, can dispense soups, sauces, gravies, pie filling, applesauce and other fluid food products.

-Stirrer with 3phase SM-cyclo induction motor

- Dispensing head

- SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell 030 pump with Sterling motor.

- 1 pallet of spare parts

- pallet of heat sealing films

- Manuals and maintenance record.

To be done.

The wires and air and water hoses connecting the conveyor to the packing system have been cut in order to move the system safely, you must get an electrician or professional to re-splice them. The conveyor was set leveled base on the flooring the school built for drainage. you will need to re-level and aligned it when you re attach it to the machine according to your flow set up.

Power and air requirement:

208V 3PH, 90psi air required

Generally all used item are sold as is and we always describe what we know and what we are able to test. So please review our listing and ask question if you need too. School paid $750000.00 for this system 14 years ago (2006), I'm asking less than %20 of that so please send us a fair offer. 

Shipping will be freight that you will need to arrange. I had to lease a fork lift extension to move the 10ft plus pallets, dollys and two pallet jack to move the conveyors. bottom line is that you will need to higher a one way specialty mover/rigger to ship it. This cannot and will not go standard freight 

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