Epson EH853S Robot 4 Axis Robotic Arm, RC520-CU-1 Control, RC520 DU Drive & Cage

Epson EH853S Robot 4 Axis Robotic Arm, RC520-CU-1 Control, RC520 DU Drive & Cage


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“Unit was donated used to a junior college by former Delphi, college never used it but electrical ”... Read moreRead more about condition

This robotic system is from a junior college school surplus, cosmetically it looks good but please read about the information that was relayed to me.

The system was owned by former Delphi manufacturing company in kokomo Indiana. The company donated it to the community college but according the the school it was never used by the school. They took out an industrial electrical panel that was setup to run the system. They said they needed the electrical panel for other projects. So that system and another acquired from them was stored in the facility for several years until they were auctioned off. without the electrical panel and computer with possible outdated software, (computer doesnt boot) I am listing this as parts or for repair. Meaning you cant ask to return this. If it doesnt need repair great, if it does, well you've been told and that's fine too. As-is, as seen in the pictures and all sales are final. No refund.

The DOM is 2004. It includes RC520 control RC-520-CU- (computer doesnt boot anymore) and RC520 Drive RC520DU. 

This is on a heavy duty industrial steel base with 1" thick 42"x42" steel top (itself is 500lbs) and upper aluminum frame with plexi glass. This is very heavy, it is 1375lbs total

Again this is sold as is, for parts, repair or whatever. All sales are final.

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