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Kimberly-Clark PMG-115-TD Advanced Pain Management Generator V4.1A 8 New Probes

This system is in excellent condition and appear to be in working condition as it was working when removed. This thing is super clean, the only cosmetic issue i can p...

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Zeiss OPMI Pico Portable Surgical Microscope

Good condition with scratches, marks and possible minor dents. Optics look good and have good light source

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Waters Acquity Ultra Performance LC Binary Solvent Manager

This item is from a big pharmaceutical research lab, it was surplused as no longer needed. It appears to be in good cosmetic condition, it powers, beeped a couple of time...

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Storz VisitOR1 Intouch Health Telepresence Telemedicine Monitoring System 2012

This unit is in good cosmetic condition and doesnt appear to have any cosmetic damage. It powers up, displays and boot to that the screen you see in the pictures. Unit is...

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Ellex Solitaire DGS Ophthalmic Laser, Ellex 30XL Slit Lamp & More Unused - 2012

This system is in mint condition in the box and is unused. New old stock. This is from a VA facility, document shows that this was acquired in 2013, per government rules,...

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Mettler Toledo DM40 Digital Density Meter LiquiPhysics Excellence - Unused

Unused lab excess inventory of the US Airforce.

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Smith & Nephew Spider 2 Shoulder Positioner Spider2 Lateral Position

Good condition. power tested but no battery or charger included

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ASI 2025M Self Contained Dental Delivery System with Kavo Electrotorque TLC 4893 and Military Case

Good cosmetic condition and is in protected military transport hard case. See main description for detail

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Unit is in excellent condition in the original box with manual. This is from a US military excess inventory. The unit doesnt appear to have been used. What you see in...

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Streamline 110v Tranformer Coil for Dornier Wavelight Medilas H Holmium Laser 2003

This item is in excellent condition. it was pull out of a 2003 Dornier Wavelight Medilas H Holmium Laser. this is a 110v but the customer want the laser to run on 220...

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Amphenol Nexus AP-176 Military Grade Audio Plug 6 Position Solder Cup

New unused military electronic component. Please review pictures for all the piece included in this lot. I open one pouch for photograph but what you will receive wil...

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Precision Filters PS1-1 Unit - Loaded with modules

Unit appears to be in good cosmetic condition and powers up but the screen doesnt have any text on it. everything else light up. Inside the unit is loaded with modules as...

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Precision Instruments TB3F200F Torque Tester - New

This unit is new in mint condition in open box with calibration certificate. Unit is from a government excess inventory stock. It has never been used. It appears to b...

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