About Us

We are Bukubid Inc, own and operated by a licensed auctioneer in the state of indiana. We are breakaway online sellers from the traditional monopolized big auction websites, or as others call it "alternative to Ebay" or Ebay alternative. Our goal is to separate the good out of all the bad that other websites may have. In doing so we want to have a more user friendly service with less bureaucratic red tape. Our main objective is to give individuals and businesses the opportunity to focus more on buying and selling rather than making rules that may generate toxic vibes among members. We are committed to make this website the place where the deals are real without red tape. We are committed to make sure that the services we provide to companies and dedicated individuals remain simple and helpful. Our mission is to turn your assets, surplus, or your inventories into cash as long as they are law abiding products. We offer our services to businesses that are trying to liquidate excess inventories and handling store returns; and to individuals who are trying to become financially independent or who are just trying to get rid of goods.

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